Speculative Book Stack Poems

Today, the Unbound Writers turn to their bookshelves for poetic inspiration. Here's what they found. 

CS Peterson found a stack of unfortunate books:

The bad beginning

- outcast -

- breathless -

deep survival in holes

and thinking in pictures.

Dispossessed gnomes speak,

where children sleep.




The bookshelf of Theodore McCombs is full of haunting temptations:

The Monk

The Invisible Man

Ada, or Ardor


His Master's Voice

The Trial

the Haunting

the Temptation of St. Anthony 

Never Let Me Go

Memento Mori


Confessions of an English Opium Eater

Confessions of a Justified Sinner

Gemma and her dark bookshelf:

Come away with me, Citizen Not Knowing, 

To invisible cities,

where Kafka was the rage. 

What if, no one belongs here more than you, 

Beloved Omnivores? 

We take me apart. This won’t take but a minute honey. 

The violent bear it away. 

Madness, rack and honey…

Pretty Monsters, it chooses you. 






The moving books of CH Lips: 

The Invitation

                      Last Night

                      Being Peace

                      A Moveable Feast

                                                         I Am That





Sean's books find places to walk in the dark:

Don't look now, Mr. Monster.

I will fear no evil.

The darkest path,

The passage,

The walking dark,

The map of time:

A history of witchcraft.

Amanda's books hunt on a wild and lonely sea:

Wild dreams of a new beginning

The sea inside a distant mirror

The heart is a lonely hunter out stealing horses to be real


The things they carried from darkening porches

Lost voices

The books on Mark's shelves have strange dreams:


the strange library

from where you dream

red lightning.

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